The company has functional departments such as sales department, technology research and development department, finance department, human resources department and material department. 43 employees. There are 3 doctors, 3 masters and 23 undergraduates. The general manager's office is responsible for daily affairs.

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Designer Discussed personally 2022-12-09 立即申请
工作地点 : chongqing - - 部        门 : Technical department 工作年限 : No limit 学        历 : No limit 招聘人数 : 1
Job Responsibilities: Responsible for analyzing, mining, and fighting malicious behaviors at the security level of WeChat payment business; Responsible for the formulation of various WeChat payment business security strategies and the construction of strategic basic platforms.   job requirements: Have more than 1 year development experience of C / C ++ project under Unix / Linux operating system; Familiar with shell programming and relational databases such as mysql; Love data, sensitive to data, love data analysis, and love to mine the actual value hidden in various types of data; Good character, cheerful personality, active thinking, strong reasoning and logical thinking; Machine learning, deep learning, and massive data analysis experience are preferred.
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