SINCE 2012

Chongqing Zhenyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

Zhenyuan Electrical is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of online monitoring system for high voltage electrical equipment,detecting instrument equipme services. Established in 2012f it is located in Chongqing High-Tech Development Zone and is a high-tech enterprise given special support by Chongqing City. It has won the special support fund of RM巳 3 million for small and medi- um-sized enterprises in the High-Tech Zone in 2015t which is the highest support fund for small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing City in 2015.
Always focused on sustainable technological innovation, the company has established industry-acaderny-research cooperative relations with the partial discharge research team in the School of Eelectrica丨 Engineering of Wuhan University (previously belonging to Chongqing University), which has brought state-of-the-art technologies to the frontline ol electrical equipment maintenance, thus laying a solid foundation for sustainable technological development.
At present, the company has owned series of UHF sensors and UHF partial discharge online monitoring system; Ring current and high-frequency current online monitoring system; Oil chromatography, iron core grounding current online monitoring system; Micro water in SF6 and density online detection system; Multi-function partial discharge detector, ultrasonic partial discharge detector,partial discharge position indictor; Electrical equipment detection service; Charged display and series of products provide you with intelligent substation ultra-high frequency sensor, high and medium voltage equipment online monitoring system, portable detecting instrument, substation patrol service, equipment site hand-over test detection service and other full set of solutions. Products are widely used in power grid, power generation, new energy, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries.


National Technology Invention Award:
Our on-line monitoring system won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award in 2014.
Outstanding enterprises in China Innovation Competition:
Our company participated in the 5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in August 2016, and won the "Second Prize" of the Chongqing Division and the "Excellent Enterprise" Award of the National Division.
Technology-based enterprises:
In August 2016, our company was awarded the "Science and Technology Enterprise" by Chongqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone.



Focus on customers \ Simplify management \ Vitality innovation \ Realize value

About the definition of "ZHEN YUAN"

Yuan is a kind of realm, it is Gao's twin brother; aspirations are high, and the method is almost the same. Chongqing Zhenyuan strives for perfection; Wuyuan is boundless and its heart reaches the world.

Business philosophy

Focus on customers \ Simplify management \ Vitality innovation \ Realize value. "Three high" strategy: high starting point, high technology, high quality.

Company vision

Create the most convenient and reliable intelligent detection and monitoring new ecology of electric power operation!

Company mission

Escort for safe operation and transmission of electrical energy!

Culture ideas

We put an end to boss culture! We are honest, healthy, respectful and happy!

Core values ​​

Serve every customer and succeed every employee. We are dynamic, innovative and respectful! We have the courage to take on the mission!