ZY-PDMeasyoperator is a portable partial discharge detector developed by Zhenyuan Electric. The system is based on the Android system, which is easy to operate, powerful and scalable. The system can be connected to UHF, ultrasonic, ground wave, high-frequency current sensors, and can detect GIS, transformers, cables and other high-voltage equipment.


ZY-PDL5000 partial discharge detection and positioning system

ZY-PDL5000 partial discharge positioning system is mainly used for partial discharge detection and positioning of high-voltage electrical equipment. The system consists of an ultra-high frequency sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, an ultrasonic preamplifier, a high-frequency current sensor, a signal processing system, and a high-speed oscilloscope. The system adopts a self-developed digital adjustable band signal processing system. In the UHF band, the lower frequency limit can be adjusted to avoid the interference of low frequency noise.

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